MAKE U HAPPY – GREEN Weight loss without dieting

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Enjoy the life with SUPER FOOD
- 1 pack MAKE HAPPY per month
It is a nutritional supplement from natural sources rich in serotonin (a hormone of luck).

The composition of the product is set to adjust your body’s day and night mode. Better sleep ensures that you are not tired after awakening and have more energy during the day. The body produces up to 7 times more happiness hormone, which will positively affect thinking and a sense of well-being. Better to deal with stress and challenging work and home situations. Increased serotonin levels also decrease depression.

-Sets a properly functioning metabolism that can lead to weight loss up to 5kg per month without dieting.

-The product was developed in collaboration with the Austrian physician Dahlke Reudiger.

-The secret lies in a particularly finely ground raw diet of scrubbed, unused plants, Quinoa and Amaranth.

More about the product

1 pack contains a fine blend for one month / 32 doses
1 scoop is poured into 2 dcl of water.
Drink in the morning!  It will replace your breakfast.

They solve problems It can lead to weight loss up to 5kg per month without dieting, Sets well-functioning metabolism, It leads to the adjustment of the day and night mode, more energy through the day, better sleep, The body produces more hormone of happiness and increased serotonin levels, also helps to reduce depression, It strengthens immunity and reduces the taste for sugar
Not suitable NOT suitable for children
Number of packages in the package 1 pack contains a fine blend for month / 32 doses
Ideal for
Age Age-limited, recommended since 18 years
Gender Suitable for women and men
Place of use
Part of body Metabolism and Psyche. Stronger effect on psyche and weaker metabolism
The use
Batching 1 scoop is poured into 2 dcl of water. It is drunk in the morning. It will replace your breakfast

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Overweight, fatigue, poor sleep, "overwork" and lack of movement subsequently lead to the emergence of various civilization diseases such as diabetes, gout, and can even lead to cancer......

Serotonin also acts as a neurotransmitter in the body: it helps in the transmission of nerve signals and as a vasoconstrictor (for blood thinning). It affects the body's thermoregulation and sleep process. Its deficiency is mainly manifested by a mood that gradually leads to depression, in addition to sleep disorders. Only one tablespoon of MAKE U HAPPY can increase your serotonin levels up to 7x... ...

Nutritional supplement for weight loss, healthy sleep and happiness. Dietary supplement. The secret of MAKKE U HAPPY lies in a finely ground raw diet enriched with Quinoa and Amarant. It is a rich source of minerals, proteins, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids....

More and more people complain that they are always tired. This is related to time, stress and a lack of rest. We often come home, but are still working on ideas. Someone might say he was asleep 8-10 hours, but after awaking, the fatigue......

In today's modern life, full of stress, poor nutrition, and a dangerous shift in the food spectrum from plant to animal proteins, this feed is no longer guaranteed. This is particularly evident in the dark annual period when the body consumes more melatonin. Since it arises from serotonin when this deficiency occurs,...

The dearth of serotonin leads to fatigue, often after awakening, you are tired and you can not sleep anymore, you are exaggerated or suffer from depression and gain weight. Whether we have serotonin deficiency can be identified by a simple test....