EyeCleanse Removes makeup and waterproof mascara

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Extremely gentle formula very quickly removes eye make-up, including waterproof linen. It does not dry the sensitive skin around the eyes. EyeCleanse consistency provides a gentle sliding on the skin, instantly removing dirt accumulated during the day, leaving it silky smooth and thoroughly cleansed. The well-defined pH of the product and extract from the chamomile provide soothing and anti-inflammatory effects and provide a gentle cleansing of the eye area. The skin is clean and fresh.


Effective removal of eye makeup without drying or skin irritation
Strengthening and relaxing effect on sensitive, eyelid skin


Suitable for skin preparation before treatment, such as cosmetic treatment, peeling, and the like.
It has a balanced pH
Instant liquid composition
Also suitable for removing lipstick
Free of alcohol, parabens and perfumes

Designed for

All skin types, sensitive eyes

Main active substances

Hyaluronic Acid - maintains skin hydration
German Chamomile - has highly anti-inflammatory effects
Cornflower - has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, minimizes any swelling around the eyes

Package contents

100 ml


Shake gently before using the solution to mix. Apply a small amount of eyeCleanse on a clean cotton swab. Gently, carefully put on each eyelid for a few seconds and then gently rub off. Use as needed.

Against cellulite No
Against pigmentation No
Against striations No
against wrinkles No
Benefits Removes all impurities, mekkap, lipstick and waterproof mascara, It has anti-inflammatory effects, Maintains hydration and correct skin pH, acts as a prevention of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, minimizes swelling around the eyes
Bleaching effect No
Reduction of age-old stains No
Antioxidant Yes
Prevention of acne Yes
Prevention of pigmentation No
Prevention of wrinkles Yes
Reduction of age-old stains Yes
Skin and skin hydration Yes
Stress prevention No
Suitable for acne skin Yes
Support for collagen production Yes
UV protection No
Ideal for
Age No age limitation
The use
Skin cleansing Yes
Skin type Suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive eyes
Usage method Use daily as needed

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In every period of our lives, one’s skin changes. It depends on the age, the environment in which we live, the diet we eat, and even what the season is. One’s current skin condition can be long-term or short-term, depending on care. If we want to maintain a nice, youthful look without wrinkles for a long time, we need to use high-quality cosmetics, age supplements and supplements of body fluids. In order to be able to properly care for the skin, we need to know the type of skin that is different from the amount of skin sebum that the body produces....

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