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Dermaheal CC Cream is a unique, multifunctional cream. The abbreviation CC (Complete correction) speaks for everything. This cream is the ideal preparation for complete correction.
It contains 6 functions in one product - soothing the skin, hydrating, reducing wrinkles, brightening the skin, sun protection and correcting the overall color tone.
The cream contains Caregen's latest complex of biomimetic peptides, which acts as a prevention of wrinkles and unifies the color tone of the skin. Skin discrepancies, pigment pits, enlarged pores and veins, will be a thing of the past! Dermaheal CC cream also protects the skin from sun damage with the SPF 30 protection factor, as well as from chemical and external contamination due to crop yields.
Because it is a very gentle preparation, it is recommended by professionals for a variety of aesthetic treatments (e.g. laser, peeling) or for burned or irritated skin. Thanks to the tinting color, CC cream can fully replace traditional make-up.


    Complete correction
    Reducing and covering all skin irritations
    Calming the reddened skin
    Reducing wrinkles
    Balanced hydration throughout the day
    Brightness of the skin immediately after use
    Sun Protection (SPF30)
    The included toning color of choice can replace make-up
    Suitable after aesthetic treatments or on burned skin



    The Complete Correction Cream - will provide a truly perfect effect
    Very gentle preparation that is also suitable for sensitive skin (suitable for lasers, peeling)
    Fine texture ensures quick and easy absorption
    Very pleasant smell

Designed for

    Complete correction
    Covering skin discrepancies
    Soothing the skin
    All day hydration
    Brightness of the skin

Composition (major active substances)

Oligopeptide-34 (CG-TGP2) / Oligopeptide-58 (CG-Demelatide):
They promote the degradation (destruction) of enzymes involved in melanin synthesis. The skin thus removes excessive pigmentation and brightens it, overall.
Oligopeptide-51 (CG-Purilux):
It suppresses the signs of excessive pigmentation and reduces the melanosons already produced, which cause excessive pigmentation.
Oligopeptide-72 (CG-Boostrin):

Stimulates the formation of new skin cells. It reduces existing wrinkles and acts as a prevention of new wrinkles. Overall, it improves the quality of one’s skin.
Complex of natural extracts:
Protects the skin against external influences and chemical pollution. They give the skin vitality.
Protective factors:
In the sun, it guarantees SPF 30 and protects the skin from UV rays.

Package contents

50 g of cream in a tube


Always apply Dermaheal CC cream to cleansed skin. First apply your favorite cream or serum for daily use, then apply Dermaheal CC cream. Apply it as a makeup to the entire face area.

Against cellulite No
Against pigmentation Yes
Against striations No
against wrinkles Yes
Benefits Perfectly covers all skin imbalances, enlarged veins, pigment spots and enlarged pores, Soothes reddening of the skin, Wrinkle reduction, Skin hydration, UV protection
Bleaching effect No
Reduction of age-old stains Yes
Antioxidant Yes
Prevention of acne No
Prevention of wrinkles Yes
Reduction of age-old stains No
Skin and skin hydration Yes
Stress prevention No
Suitable for acne skin Yes
Support for collagen production No
UV protection Yes
Ideal for
Age Suitable from 18 years
The use
Skin cleansing No
Skin type Suitable for all skin types
Usage method Day Cream, with SPF 30 to replace mejkap, use every morning

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