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Beta Gel is a complex product suitable for problematic acne skin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, regulates skin sebum production and redness of the skin. By reducing skin sebum, reducing acne manifestations - unpleasant puppies. After regular application, the skin is soaked and soft to the touch. Beta Gel, as well as other Medik8 formulations, does not contain parabens and is not perfumed, so it does not cause allergic reactions.


    Antibacterial effect
    Removing acne
    Anti-inflammatory effect

    Reduction of skin sebum production = reduction of puppy formation
    Reducing skin redness
    Total soothing and softening skin


    Simpler and more accurate application of the gel, it is not streaming.
    Oil free.
    Long-term prevention of acne.
    Comprehensive composition with proven effect guarantees effective results.
    After absorption, the skin is hydrated; Skin does not dry out.
    Packing 15 ml lasts up to 100 uses.
    BetaGel can also be used over make-up; Just apply it and have it absorbed.
    You can use the gel virtually anytime, overnight or overnight, as needed.
    It is a reliable addition to the treatment of acne.

Designed for

    Men and women without age limitation
    All types of skin, especially problematic greasy types with acne manifestations

Composition (major active substances)

   Salicylic acid - is one of the best-known substances that are used to reduce acne. This acid suppresses the sebaceous activity of the sebaceous glands, thereby drying the pre-washed skin surface. Cleans the pores.
    Azelaic acid - has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and acts as a strong prevention of comedones (Phase I of acne-pimples). Reduces redness of the skin.
    Diatal acid - reduces skin sebum production, destroys bacteria causing acne, and has anti-inflammatory effects.
    Niacinamide (vit. B3) - has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces redness and irritation of the skin. It slows down the rate of skin sebum formation and helps to change the skin. It prevents blockage of pores that can cause pimples.

Package contents

    15 ml gel, this content lasts for about 100 local applications
    After opening, use for up to 12 months


We recommend using it on the skin twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Apply sufficient amount of gel to the finger or directly on the skin (1 drop = 1 target area) and gently massage. Spray, then apply other formulations as needed.

Beta Gel can also be applied during the day to make-up, to promotes skin healing. You can use up to 6 times a day.

Against cellulite No
Against pigmentation Yes
Against striations No
against wrinkles No
Benefits Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, Reduces redness and irritation of the skin, Decreases skin sebum creation and prevents pores
Bleaching effect No
Reduction of age-old stains No
Antioxidant No
Prevention of acne Yes
Prevention of pigmentation No
Prevention of wrinkles No
Reduction of age-old stains Yes
Skin and skin hydration Yes
Stress prevention No
Suitable for acne skin Yes
Support for collagen production No
UV protection No
Ideal for
Age No age limitation
Gender For women and men
The use
Skin cleansing No
Skin type Suitable for problematic greasy skin types with acne.
Usage method Apply morning and evening to the skin

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